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1 John 4:6 “But we belong to God, and those who know God listen to us. If they do not belong to God, they do not listen to us. That is how we know if someone has the Spirit of truth or the spirit of deception.”

In today’s devotional, we will be answering some questions. So, pay attention.

Question #1: How do we develop the spirit of discernment? Heb.5:14 …by reason of use have their senses exercised to discern both good and evil.” (NKJV]. Discernment can be developed by reason of use; the more you exercise it, the sharper you become, and the better it becomes. I have shared with you how when I shake people, I ask the Holy Spirit, ‘Who is this person?’ and He is always accurate. Do not get me wrong, sometimes, I still get hurt but I already know the people. With discernment, there is a ‘use’ part and a ‘gift’ part. There is the general gift of discernment that God gives His children and it comes with the gift of wisdom. You should ask for it. But there is also a gift of discernment of spirits, which is different from the gift of discernment. With discernment of spirits, you can actually see demonic operations, you can see angelic spirits.

Question #2: When you see people that are not being sincere, how do you handle that? The first question is, is it a necessary part of your work? Some people in the church are agents of satan, I know them, and we are “friends”. Do not worry about driving them away. They are on a mission, right? I  am on a mission too. In Matt.13:24-30 [please read], they said to the Master, the enemy has come to sow weeds, should we uproot them? The Master said, “No, leave them”. Light cannot bow to darkness, it is impossible. Some of such people are a necessary part of the story [not that you want them]. Sometimes, they will cause you pain, but God will use it for your glory. Jesus says, “I chose you twelve and one of you is a devil”. Did Jesus chase Judas away? What happened to the pain Judas caused Him? It is for our benefit today. So do not try to get rid of everyone that is not for you. Being fixated on people that are not for you, can push you to pray prayers you ought not to be praying. Focus on your assignment.

Question #3: The people that think their heart is in the right place, but will eventually turn sour, how do you intervene? While some of them can be helped, some of them cannot be helped. It is just a heart thing. When someone has a good heart, no matter how bad the person is, the person can be helped. When someone has a bad heart, an arrogant and cocky heart. No matter how good the person is, the person cannot be helped. It is a heart work. I have had spiritual children with very wicked hearts. I look into them, I see it, it is evil. Where are they getting it from? Is it from me? Of course not. Some you can help but some you cannot help. It is a heart work. If your heart is right, there is nothing God cannot do through you. You will make mistakes because you are human. There is no human being on earth that will not make mistakes. However, if you have a good heart God can still help you. But if the heart is bad, you need to be born again so you can be given a new heart, a good heart.

Prayer: Lord, I ask for the gift of discernment and the grace to focus on my assignment. Father, give me a new heart, a good heart, in Jesus Name. Amen.

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