The Proof

John 3:2 “He came to Jesus under the cloak of darkness to question Him. Nicodemus: Teacher, some of us have been talking. You are obviously a teacher who has come from God. The signs You are doing are proof that God is with You.” (Voice]

What have you not been able to shake off so far on our study of the Book of John? It is not that you should be able to shake off any part of the Word of God but what sticks for you? The purpose of Bible study is for you to get to know the Bible for yourself. As the Bible says, so that when you are asked, you can defend your faith because you know why you believe what you believe. Our focus for the next few days is on John 3:1-21 [please read]. This is the story of a man called Nicodemus who came to Jesus saying, “We know God is with you, we know God sent you and the reason we know it is, we have watched You. Nobody can do what you are doing except God is with him.” [paraphrased]. I pray, in the Name of Jesus, that the people in your life, the people that you do life with [your colleagues, your neighbours, your friends] will look at you and say, ‘We know God is with you because nobody can live like this if God has not empowered him or her, in the Mighty Name of Jesus.

We know God is with you because nobody can have this kind of pace, understanding, clarity, vision, or favour except God is with him or her. That was Jesus’ testimony and that will be your testimony in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Do you receive it?  Once again, that will be your testimony. Your testimony should not be, I thought you said God was with you and it will not be, in the Mighty Name of Jesus. Sometimes, we amplify with words what God wants to amplify with deeds. We struggle to amplify with words what God wants to amplify with results. I got saved in my final year at university. When I got saved, one pain and regret I had was that I did not get saved in my first year. Why? There was no way, by the grace of God and the covenant I could see in the Word of God, that I would have been saved in my year one and not make a first class. It is totally impossible, whether the lecturer liked me or not.

So, while I was regretting and wishing I had known Jesus earlier because I definitely would have made a first class. It dawned on me that I have my entire life ahead of me; now you know Jesus let your life be first class. Let it be that in school, if you are a student, people will say, ‘There is something about you… God is with you.’ That was Jesus’ testimony. If you look at the calibre of the person that came to Jesus, he is not a mean person. Nicodemus was an extremely powerful and wealthy Jew. He was a member of the Sanhedrin [a member of the religious leaders] and he was a Pharisee. When we hear Pharisee, we think bad people, right? That is not the testimony of the Pharisees in the times of Jesus. Please take note of these things, because you need to know them, you need to know the Word of God. The Sanhedrin [the council] was the ruling class consisting of about twenty to seventy-one people in all of Israel that are the leaders of leaders. A group of people that their word becomes Law; Nicodemus was one of them.

Prayer:  Father, because of the testimony of Christ, my life will be a light, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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