In Obedience

John 2:5 “But his mother told the servants, “Do whatever he tells you.”

Righteousness and Single-mindedness are the two things that must be in place for us to take bold steps towards God. We have dealt extensively in days past with righteousness and yesterday we began to look at single-mindedness first in prayer. Yesterday we looked at the examples of Joshua and Elijah. I pray that God will give you the singleness of mind in prayer to stay and take steps towards heaven that will shock your generation. Prayer is the difference between fighting for God [like Joshua was], and God fighting for you [like when God caused the sun to stand still]. That is singleness of mind in prayer.

God says double-minded people cannot get anything from Him. Do not come to God double-minded. Singleness of heart means this is what you want from God, that is what you are going to get. You refuse to back down until heaven yields and you stay there until heaven yields. Would heaven yield? When would heaven yield? That is not your focus. But heaven would yield because a broken heart God will not despise, a bruised reed He will not cast away, a smoking flax He will not put out (Isaiah 42:3). God cannot ignore such steadfastness, it is impossible. God is saying get rid of double-mindedness in your prayers, get rid of it.

Single-Mindedness In Obedience: God has said do ‘X’; you do ‘X’ – that is singlemindedness in obedience. People like to play it safe; folks live ordinary lives because they are not obedient. The truth is you cannot do both; you cannot live the best life that God has for you and play it safe at the same time. You have to choose to either play it safe or to be what God has called  you to be? You can either live the best life God has for you or play it safe, but you cannot do both. So what sacrifices are required of you and what is it going to be? We are often afraid of the pain of the price of the sacrifice. People are too focused on what prayer is going to cost them, or what fasting is going to cost them, or what doing what God wants them to do will cost. Some of us need to start serving and stop focusing on the cost. What do you need to begin to do for God? Just do it and stop focusing on what it is going to cost you.

If you are not ready to sacrifice in obedience, you are not ready to be used by God. If you are not ready to sacrifice in obedience for your destiny, you are not ready to fulfil that destiny. The earth is governed by sacrifice and the earth yields to sacrifice. Where you are today is based on the sacrifices you made yesterday. Where you would be tomorrow is going to be based on the sacrifices you are making today. You can already tell how your tomorrow  will be, you do not need a prophet to tell you what is going to happen. I pray that you will not waste time sleeping unnecessarily, but you will work hard and become greater and wealthier, say Amen!

Prayer: Father, please give me the grace to be single-minded in prayer and in obedience and pay the price you require of me, in Jesus Name. Amen!

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