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No Loss!

Prov. 11:16 (KJV) “A gracious woman retaineth honour: and strong men retain riches”


The fourth thing you need to do to Step Up financially is to permit No Loss. Yesterday, we established that the first way to lose money is not to tithe. Second way to lose money is to get robbed. It is possible to be paying your tithe and people are stealing from you. Read the rest of this entry

Create Margin

 Deut. 28:12  “The Lord will send rain at the proper time from his rich treasury in the heavens and will bless all the work you do. You will lend to many nations, but you will never need to borrow from them.”


To Step Up financially, the second thing you have to do is Spend Less. The first rule of spending is to always spend less than you earn. I understand that for some people, what they earn is not enough so spending less seems elusive. Read the rest of this entry

Banish Fear

Ps.91:5 “Do not be afraid of the terrors of the night…”


Fear is a major factor we have to overcome in our quest to breakthrough in fruitfulness financially, in the fruit of our body, and in our relationships. The enemy uses fear to keep a lot of people barren in their bodies, in their minds, in their finances, in their business, or in the assignment that God has for them. A lot of people are barren because they are afraid that they will “not make it”. Even right now, the enemy is saying to you, “How can you be talking about being fruitful, don’t you know your history?” The enemy is just trying Read the rest of this entry

Own It!

Turn your back on lustful thoughts and give your positive attention to goodness, integrity, love, and peace” 2 Tim.2:22 [Ph, emphasis added]


Yesterday we learnt to take charge of ourselves and take charge of our minds. Today I am urging you to take it a step further especially if you are a parent. You need to take charge of the media intake of your children. It is amazing how parents today allow their children to watch all sorts of things on television. It is almost as if some parents are not even interested in going through the pains of regulating the media that the children watch.

Read the rest of this entry

Put Aside

The wise man saves for the future…” Pr. 21:20 [LB]


The third habit for financial freedom is Save For The Future. It is called the Principle of Investment. I am using the word ‘save’ loosely here. I know financial gurus say you cannot save money because the inflation rate is higher than the interest rate. I understand that but you must at least accumulate some money before you can invest it. I know of people that actually buy land with their money without going to the bank. And they are able to achieve this because they have Read the rest of this entry

Reactive And Proactive

“...Stupid people spend their money as fast as they get itPr. 21:20 [GN]


God is saying, stop spending your money as quickly as you earn it; then you are wise. I know this is hard to take in, yet the truth is, if what will pull you out to financial freedom were easy, you would have already done it. When I first read this Scripture, it made me uncomfortable. But I had to let this truth work out greatness in me. I had to deliver myself from impulsive buying. You do not encounter the truth and brush it Read the rest of this entry


“...Stupid people spend their money as fast as they get itPr. 21:20 [GN]


Every advert is channeled at impulsive buying. Buy now, think later. Do not get me wrong; this is not a campaign against buying things. Everyone has legitimate needs which should be addressed but do not shop impulsively. I sent some phone credit to my wife as a good husband and she loaded it. Then the network multiplied what she loaded by four. And she was excited about the free talk time. I told her the network’s goal was to lure her. She did not agree with Read the rest of this entry

The Path I

“Thou hast caused men to ride over our heads; we went through fire and through water: but thou broughtest us out into a wealthy placePs.66:12 [KJV, emphasis added]


Take note of the path to the wealthy place in today’s scriptural reference. The path to abundance can be tough. And because of that a lot of people have taken a detour off the path. If you are on that tough path and you are contemplating taking a detour, my sincere advice is, don’t. And it is because you are about to enter into your wealthy place. Stay on course. Read the rest of this entry

Overflow III

And the Lord passed by before him, and proclaimed, The Lord, The Lord God, merciful and gracious, longsuffering, and abundant in goodness and truthEx.34:6 [emphasis added].


God wants you to know that His goodness is without limits [inexhaustible]. Our challenge as human beings is that we get satisfied too easily. You prayed and God answered by doing beyond what you could ever think or imagine. What happens is that a lot of people just relax and become complacent. We do not seek after God any more or hunger for more. And that is a problem because God still has a lot more for us and we have to press into it.

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Much More

Now all glory to God, who is able, through his mighty power at work within us, to accomplish infinitely more than we might ask or thinkEph.3:20 [emphasis added].


David says in Psalm 23, “Thou anoints my head with oil, my cup runs over”. David had a cup [capacity], God was pouring oil on David’s head, the cup was full but God did not stop. Why? God did not stop because He was showing David that David’s capacity does not determine His anointing. Your capacity does not determine God’s anointing. God’s anointing is much more than our capacity. In that singular act, God was saying to David that there is so much more Read the rest of this entry